Local Xperiences with a global problem
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Exhibition „climateXperience“  at Schulzentrum Utbremen On Thursday, 24th of November 2011, students from the education course business organized a climate day. „Climate day, what exactly is that? “  have some visitors might thought. But in the end everyone agreed that the climate day was a big success. No wonder! The school class W11A created a [...]

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Today the class W11A build up the exhibition. “We build everything up, to check if everything is done for the climate day on the 24th of November 2011. We´re happy about the result now, but we have to fix some last things to make it perfect.” said Mike Müller today when they finished. The upcoming [...]


School class W11A from the education course business in Bremen is about to reopen “ClimateXperience” – the exhibition about climate change. The exhibition will open on the 24th of November 2011. “It´s not exactly the same exhibition like the first time this year in June. We have a lot of new ideas to make “ClimateXperience” [...]


On Wednesday, 15  June, an interactive play on the topic of climate change took place in the Kulturkirche St. Stephani: Coleoptera – The Climate Artists. 1. part: Two bugs, the last survivors of the climate catastrophe, perform “farewell mankind”. 2. part: Interactive theatre: The presenter Dorothea Erl asked the audience about their ideas and opions [...]


Workgroup: Ufuk Demirkaya, Alican Gencer, Monika Wiegandt, Marius Mengel Energy Saving in the Households Introduction The households develope more and more, more homes are built and more energy is consumed as well. Low-energy-houses are arised and bring environmental benefits. Then again there are old buildings, where the heatings and the windows are old and energy [...]

Exhibition-wall "sea-level rise"

Bremen – The New Venice A city learns to swim Lang, Julia Winkenstern, Melanie Kanz, Sandra Schmidtke Target of the project With our project we want to open the eyes of the people which aren’t in contact with die topic “climate change”. One of our targets is to show how important it is to [...]


On Thursday 9th of June, the best contributions to the short story challenge “Fluchtwege” (escape routes) will be presented and awarded. The short story challenge has been arranged by ‘climateXperience’ in cooperation with the virtual Literaturhaus Bremen and is part of the exhibition “climateXperience – out of the suitcase”. The winners are: 1. award: Ulrike [...]

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Yesterday, the exhibition opening took place in the Kulturkirche St. Stephani Bremen. More than 100 people attended the event. It has been a great success for all project partners. Special thanks to our partners in South Africa for all the support they have given us!